News from the Cabin – featuring Yoda, and Ironing Boards….

Have you managed to keep hold of any of that festive feeling, or does it feel like you've never been away from work?

We've been catching up with each other about our Christmas breaks and our presents - how would these have been for you?

The Christmas Ironing Board

Creative Director Cathy had an unusual request for Santa, sent via her husband James.

'I asked James for an ironing board as the one I had was terrible. He bought me the most amazing ironing board, but when he told a customer what I had asked for and asked what he should do, she replied that if she was his wife and he bought her that, she would have whacked him with it! He still bought me one, but it's the best and I love it. I still hate ironing, but do it because I am crazy. I am happy to report that I got so spoilt from James this Christmas with other, amazing, gifts.'

It's all about the unicorn

There was a unicorn theme for Account Manager Becky. You might not be surprised to hear you can get unicorn socks, key rings and erasers, but did you know you can also get unicorn gin, chocolate, stress balls, and combs?

The Force is with Hayley

It's well known among the team that Hayley’s house is a haven of all things Star Wars - think wallpaper, cookie jars, chopsticks, ice cube trays, aprons, even the seemingly mundane pull cord (it’s Yoda, if you’re wondering). So, it was no surprise that her Christmas decorations came from a galaxy far, far away.

Hayley’s tree was adorned with quirky characters baubles and completed with a colour-changing Death Star - no traditional Christmas here!  She also was given a new addition to her sprawling collection - a Star Wars cheese-grater!

Whatever you got for Christmas, we hope you had a good one!


Very best wishes from Cathy, and everyone else at The Cabin