Build it and They Will Come – Write a Marvellous Content Plan Based on a Marvellous Content Strategy

Here's part eight of our Build It and They Will Come guide to building your business online

Write a marvellous content plan based on a marvellous content strategy

In our last blog post, we told you to send the message out to the ones you love. In other words, distribute your content over the appropriate social media channels.

What you don’t want to do is send the same message out over and over again. Your audience will get bored very quickly. As with everything marketing, you need a strategy and a plan with some specific, measurable, achievable and timely objectives to be met.

Fortunately for us, all our online efforts can be analysed, and the results measured, for free, using online tools such as Google Analytics and, of course, the stats options within your chosen promotional platforms.


Plan your content meticulously, focusing on generating different types of content for your different audience segments. Some pointers:

  • Define your goals on a monthly or quarterly basis – short term goals drive long term goals
    • Identify which platform works best for which type of content. If you want to spend 3 months building a brand, then Instagram and LinkedIn might be the best platforms. If you have some special product offers, Facebook is probably where you need to be.
    • Define specific goals for specific platforms
  • Devise monthly or quarterly themes – these are wider in scope than topics. Identify trigger events that could influence interest in your field and build themes around them. Match themes to buying stages – are you focussing on provoking interest or sustaining loyalty?
  • The best content comes from specific areas of expertise – what are your sweet spots? Identify five or six and make them the focus of monthly blogs
  • Make sure you can write a cracking headline and can take superb pictures
  • Build an editorial calendar – make sure it’s realistic and achievable. You don’t want to suggest you’ll be interviewing A. N. Other-Celebrity next month when you have no idea of their availability.
  • Allocate time to engage and respond.


One of the best formats for content planning runs along the following lines:

DAILY: 25 word headlines accompanied by pictures as necessary. You might want to promote the occasional post if you are announcing something important, but don’t put too much money behind these posts.

2 x WEEK: 400 words in a blog post. These could be a video, a guest blogger post, shared information, a competition, you name it.

1 x per month: 1000 words/5 minute videos/vlogs/guest blogs. Make this a main feature that you warm up your audience for – you can use a couple of your daily and bi-weekly spots to promote the big piece.

1 x quarter: the big piece – an online event, community project, video with a star, etc.

Of course, you can be much more elaborate, building in guest blogs, white papers, spin-off articles, etc. For now, this little format should get you going.