Build It and They Will Come – Wrap Your Content up in Metadata

Here's the fifth part of our Build It and They Will Come guide to building your business online - Wrap your content up in metadata and tie a mobile-optimised ribbon around its middle

Last week we talked about SEO and this week we're looking at metadata.

You might be thinking, you what? Our ultimate goal is to make sure you get found by your audience, and to do that, you need to be found by the search engines.

This is where your (possibly outsourced) web development team steps in.

Metadata is a set of guidelines for search engines to help them understand what’s on your web page. It also ensures that expanded results come up for your page, such as specific pictures, to help your website really stand out.

For each page on your website, you need to give your developers a very brief description, about 180 characters long and including key words, of what that page actually does. They’ll plug the information into the relevant places.

With Google now using its Mobile First Index as its primary search index, you need to make sure that your website works on a mobile phone, and that relevant voice phrases are included in your optimisation strategy. Again, your developers will know what to do, but do tell them what to say…

Join us next time for more on how to get found online.