Our Services

We love working with businesses large and small to help them have a better presence on and offline – to get found more easily, and do more business. Have a look at what we can do below, and then give us a call on 02380 575323

Website Design

We can build a website to suit your needs, your business, and your budget.

Whether you need a page or two to tell people what you do, or a more complex site which allows your customers to buy from you online, or anything in between, we can help.


All the websites we build are responsive, which means they will work effectively, and beautifully, on any device, whether that’s a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Websites will resize to fit the screen available and all functionality will remain accessible.


To keep content fresh, we can work with you to either upload new content to your website for you, or we can train you or your team to do it themselves.

Website design

Logo Design

Your logo captures the soul and story of your business and tells your customers a lot about you. We can work with you to tell your story in a simple image.

Logo design

Graphic Design

Graphic design uses images to tell your business story. It’s not just about pretty pictures though – we can produce materials in the right resolution and sizes to make sure your logo and imagery looks as sharp and fresh on a small business card as a great big banner, as well as on your website and social media accounts.


We also provide print services – so you can work with us from design all the way through to delivery.

Graphic design


We love illustration – and it’s not just for kids stuff. Hand drawn portraits, illustrations and animations – which can also be rendered in 3D – can show a different, and unique, side to your business.



They say a picture speaks a thousand words and today, great photography is a must. People love to see behind the scenes, and a few great images can really capture your customers imagination.


There’s something beautiful, intriguing and enticing in every business – what can we show off for you?


Social Media

Your website might be where your business tells its story, but social media is how you get people there. A well managed social media presence, with carefully considered content, will drive traffic to your website, can position your business as an expert in the field, and even drive sales and support promotions.

Social media

Hosting & Domains

Your website needs a place to live on the internet, and this is called Hosting. It also needs an address so people can find it, and this address, is called the Domain Name. Both of these things need to be renewed periodically. We can buy the name and hosting for you, and make the renewals for you.

Hosting & domains


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means that your website is built, and checked and updated regularly, to make sure it has what search engines are looking for – it needs to have the words in it that people are searching for, in the ways people are searching, and the images on the site need to be of the right dimensions and resolution to load correctly when people find them. Get it right, and your website will get found more easily.