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We have moved!

It’s all change here at The Paperface. As you may have noticed, we have been busy updating our website and social media pages with a shiny new take on...

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In Search of Inspiration

Inspiration can be found all around us. Sometimes it can be as simple as, quite literally a walk in the park - street signs, colours, patterns can all inspire your...

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The Importance of Good Photography

Whether it's packaging, a website, social media or a leaflet. You can't deny the the lure of a good photo. As businesses push for visibility among its target audience, a 2015...

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The Importance of Reflection in the Studio

As February ends and March begins, all of us in the studio had a collective thought "Where has the time gone!" Everything whizzes by so quickly that it can often...

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Have a creative Christmas!

Ah, that time of year again. Sentimental ads dominate the tv, jolly tunes blare out in every shop in the land, we all get a tiny bit excited a bit...

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Good Design & the Measure of Success

Success is described as a favourable result, a positive outcome. However, it is not always as simple. When solving a design brief, you would of course love the outcome to...

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Retro Revival

Nostalgia for design gone by is not exactly a new concept. Designers should respect those that came before and are often inspired by movements and aesthetics that then transpire into...

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For the Love of Networking

Whatever your role is within the creative industry there are times where you might find yourself stuck in a little bubble, absorbed with a project. Although this heads down mentality...

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